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Last updated: January 7th 2020

General Inquiries

Frequently asked Dryer Vent Cleaning Questions

Yes. And Regularly

A: Cleaning and Inspecting your Appliance and Dryer Venting should be part of your Annual Home Maintenance.

There are many serious issues related to neglected Vents and Appliances.

These can all become unfortunate Realities if you fail to properly maintain your Appliance.

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Clean and Inspect

Almost every Safety Authority recommends you Clean and Inspect your Dryer Vent every year!.

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DIY or Hire a Professional?

Yes you can. Depending on the details, cleaning your own Dryer Vent may be a fairly Simple, or could be complicated.

Do it Yourself

Most Common Complaint

If your clothes are taking an excessive amount to Dry, then most likely there is a problem with your Dryer Vent.

When your Dryer cannot vent effectively, the Heat sensor inside gets hot and this tells the Dryer to lower the temperature, so even if you have it set to high, it might be operating at medium or Low, or no heat at all

And this is why it is taking so long for your clothes to Dry.

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Our Service pays for itself

Yes. Your Clothes Dryer has the Highest Operating cost of any Appliance in your Home.

And if it's taking more than 45 minutes to Dry your Clothes, it's costing you money.

Check out our Dryer Cost Calculator to see approximately how much you are spending, and how much you could potentially save.

Dryer Calculator

Something in the Air

If you are noticing a Large amount of Lint and Debris in the Air or inside you Laundry room, then most likely the Dryer Vent hose has become Disconnected or Damaged.

This is a fairly easy problem to correct and in most cases we do not charge extra for Repairing or Replacing Dryer Vent Hoses.

This can be a Health issue for your family, breathing in these small particles can cause respiratory illness.

Another Dangerous side effect of Disconnected or Damaged hoses is that the Dryer pulls air in through the back of the Appliance, and if the machine is pulling in large amounts of lint it can become a Fire Risk.

Dryer Calculator

Know what to Look for

Performance is one of the Best Indicators for determining when it's time to Clean your Dryer Vent.

If you notice it's taking a long time for your clothes to Dry, or it's been more than a year or two, you're probably due.

Click the button below to learn more about Signs that it's time to Clean yourDryer Vent.

Dryer Vent Checklist

Many Great Benefits

Save Time, Save Money, and Stay Safe!

More Benefits

Who came up with this one?

Uhm, not really. Plastic Dryer Venting can be very Dangerous.

It's Highly Flammable, Becomes Brittle as it ages, and is easily Damaged.

If you have it in your home, technically it is allowed, but Plastic Dryer Vent Ducting has not been permitted in any New Construction for over 10 years.

And we'd highly recommend replacing it as soon as possible.

Dryer Vent Safety

Nothing Good can come of this

Waste Time and Money and Energy. Could also lead to a disaster such as Mechanical Failure, Water Damage, Mold/Bacterial Growth or even possibly Fire.

Dryer Vent Safety

Condensation Issue

So this is a fairly common complaint we hear, and it can become a serious issue.

Condensation builds up inside Dryer Vents when the Hot Moist are becomes trapped and condenses back into liquid water.

This Liquid water can lead to many issues such as Mold and Bacteria, Water Damage, and if the Water gets into the Rear of the Dryer can even cause Mechanical Failure of an Electrical Fire.

If you notice water in your Dryer Duct you should contact a Professional Immediately.

Dryer Vent Safety

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About Our Service

Frequently asked Questions about Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Get what you Pay for

Well we are not the Cheapest Game in town, we definitely are not the most expensive.

Our Goal is to Provide Exceptional Quality at Industry Standard Pricing.

Please call us for Details or see Online Booking for Pricing.

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About an Hour or So

On Average Most Single Unit Jobs will take between 1.5 -2.5 hours. If we have to access the Roof or the Unit is a Stacked Washer/Dryer Unit add 30 minutes.

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Not Yet

I have more than 7 years experiance in the Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning Industry, but at this moment our Company does not offer this Service.

In my opinion HVAC Air Duct Cleaning should be only be done with a Truck-mount. Some Companies use 'portable' units or 'small gas-powered' units. In my opinion, these are absolutely inadequate.

When I started my Business I decided I refuse to be one of these guys with a portable unit. Perhaps in the Future we will expand into this Service, but as of now, sorry, no.

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No Hidden Charges!

No. All of our Dryer Vent Cleanings include our Full Service, and there are never any Make Believe Fees.

The only time there is any Additional Charges is if we Have to access the Roof/Attic/Crawlspace or if the unit is a Stacked Washer/Dryer unit in a Confined space as we will need to pull it out or Major Repairs Required.

But other than that. No. Definitely no hidden charges.

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About Our Company

Frequently Asked Questions about Dad's Dryer Vent Cleaning

Because we're the Best!

You should choose our Company if you are looking for the Highest Quality Results, and Best Customer Service Experience.

We have been refining our Process for over 7 years and love what we do.

Don't stress yourself out trying to find the cheapest price in town and then worry about who you're inviting into your home.

We have been doing this for a very long time, and have literally thousands of Completely Satisfied Clients.

More about Dad's

Over 7 Years

Our Owner/Operator has more than 7 years experience and has worked for 2 of the Most Respected Names in the Industry.

He spent more than Two years Apprenticing under some of the Best (and Oldest) Technicians in the Industry.

And after that he went on to become the Project Manager and helped build one of the Most Respected Duct Cleaning Departments in the Area.

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Everything Happens for a Reason

After 5 years as a Project Manager, Dustin was Laid off with no Notice. He took this as a sign that it was time to Start working for himself.

Dryer Vent Checklist

We Love what we do!

There are so many! The Freedom of setting my own Schedule, being there for my Kids for anything and everything. Getting to Meet so many Families and Genuinely Help them and Keep the Safe is the greatest Feeling.

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Kind of Fell into it

A long long time ago, I was like many of my Clients, I didn't even know Duct Cleaning was a Thing.

At the time I was working as a Cook, which I loved, but for a guy just beginning to start a family of his own, the schedule was terrible. Working every evening and weekend, and sleeping during most of the day, it just wasn't a good fit for my life anymore.

I answered a random Craigslist ad, and I was the only one that showed up... And as they say, the Rest is History.

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Whatever works Best for You

Depending on the Time of Year, we can usually book you in with 2 -3 days notice. If you like you can also Book Online.

One of the many Great things about Booking Online is that you can view our Schedule and easily find the Day and Time that works Best for you.

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Appliance Troubleshooting

Dad's Dryer Vent Cleaning Appliance Troubleshooting

Dryer Shuts down?

If your Appliance is shutting down during the Drying Process, this is usually a sign that the machine cannot vent properly and is shutting down for Safety Reasons.

Dryer Vent Checklist

Damaged Components

If there is no Heat on the Dryer, this usually means that either the Heat Sensor or the Heat Coil has become damaged and will likely need to be replaced.

Dryer Vent Checklist

Smart Dryers think they're sooo Smart

Newer Dryers come equipped with FlowSense Technology. These are generally pretty accurate but can sometimes be quite finicky.

If your FlowSense equppied Dryer is telling you your Dryer Vent is Clogged or Constricted, it's probably right.

FlowSense Technology

Damaged Components

If there is no Heat on the Dryer, this usually means that either the Heat Sensor or the Heat Coil has become damaged and will likely need to be replaced.

Dryer Vent Checklist

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Tips and Tricks

Do it yourself Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Short and Straight

Is your Dryer Vent Transition hose all jumbled up behind your Dryer?

Straightening and Shortening this hose could potentially increase efficiency by as mush as 25%!

Save Energy

Choose EnergyStar!

If you are in the Market for a New Appliance, make sure you choose a EnergyStar rated High Efficiency product.

This will ensure you save money on operating costs and lower emissions from your home.

Save Energy

Do you Qualify?

If you have a Newer PowerSmart Appliance, you may qualify for a Rebate of up to $50. Check BC Hydro for more information.

Dryer Rebate

Are you PowerSmart?

If you are looking for more ways to Make your Home more Efficient and Save Energy, check out these Energy Saving Tips from Fortis.

Save Energy

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Additional Resources

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Dryer Vent Brush

If you are thinking about CLeaning your own Dryer Vent, be sure to check out our DIY Dryer Vent Cleaning Guide

And you'll need to pick up one of these Dryer Vent Cleaning Brushes.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush

Doin' it Yourself?

If your Cleaning your own Dryer Vent, you'll defintley want to pick up one of these Lint Lizard Vacuum attachments, or something similar.

Dryer Rebate

Dryer Brush Guide

The Good folks at Gaurdus Inc, manufacturers of the LintEater Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush have put together one of the most through Dryer Vent Cleaning Guides we have ever seen.

Use the button below to check it out even if you are not using the LintEater System there is still a tonne of Great information in this PDF.

Dryer Brush Instructions

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