Keep your Dryer Vent operating Safely

Cleaning your Dryer Vent will keep you Safe
Regularly Maintain your Dryer Vent

Over time, the build up of Lint can constrict or clog up your Dryer, Dryer Vent and Dryer Vent Hood Cover.

Poor Air Quality, Water Damage, Mould and Bacterial Growth, and in some cases even Fire has been linked to improperly maintained Dryer Venting.

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Last updated: January 7th 2020

Dryer Vent Safety
Cleaning your Dryer Vent will keep you Safe
Our Recommendation

We recommended that you...

Clean and Inspect your Dryer Vent every year and,

Have it Professionally Cleaned every Two to Five years.

If you are unsure when was the last time your Dryer Vent was cleaned, or you would like to book an appointment, give us a call.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Checklist

Prevent a Dryer Fire
Cleaning your Dryer Vent will keep you Safe
Dryer Vent Fire Safety

Modern Dryers, even old ones are equipped with a lot of Safety Measures.

But occasionally the Sensors can fail, and if your Appliance and Dryer Vent are excessively Dirty or Clogged, these conditions could possibly lead to a Fire.

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Water Damage
Cleaning your Dryer Vent will keep you Safe
The Real Threat

Obviously when it comes to Dryer Vent Safety, the first thing that comes to mind is the threat of a possible Fire hazard.

But statistically speaking, Water is the larger threat of the two.

Your Dryer Vent can become clogged or restricted for many reasons, and your Dryer has several safety sensors to prevent fire.

But there is absolutely nothing preventing all of that Hot Moist Air from condensing back into a liquid, and leaking into the Walls of your home.

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Mould and Bacteria
Cleaning your Dryer Vent will keep you Safe
Harmful Indoor Air Quality

If your Dryer Vent ducting is broken inside the floors, walls or ceilings of your Home, this could create an ideal environment for mould and bacteria to form.

Mould, Mildew and Bacteria can be extremely hard to remediate.

Testing the Airflow of your Dryer can potentially determine if the Vent has become clogged, damaged or disconnected.

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Dryer Breakdowns and Mechanic Failure
Cleaning your Dryer Vent will keep you Safe
Extend the Lifetime of your Appliance

Cleaning and Maintaining your Appliance and Dryer Vent not only boosts performance...

It also reduces wear and tear on the Machine, and can significantly increase the life-cycle of your Dryer.

The Average lifespan for a Clothes Dryer is approximately 8 - 10 years.

In our many years, we have seen countless 'antiques' that have been well maintained, and are running just as smoothly today, as the Day they were built.

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