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How much are you Spending to Operate your Dryer each year?

If your Dryer is not performing at Peak Performance, you could be wasting a lot of Time, money, and Energy!

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Dad's Dryer Cost Calculator

These numbers are approximate. Exact values may vary depending on additional variables.

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  • Tips:
  • Check inside Dryer Door for Voltage.
  • Check Utilities Bill for Price per Kwh.

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According to our Calculations

You are Spending approximately

per year to Dry your Clothes.

Potential Savings

Cleaning your Dryer Vent could potentially save you
$ to $

a Year!

Based on average
annual Savings of 10 - 50%.

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Additional Factors

There are a few other factors in determining how much you could possibly save by cleaning your Dryer Vent.

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