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Dads Dryer Vent Cleaning provides the Best Customer Service

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Customer Service is one of the most important aspects not to just Dryer Vent Cleaning, but any area of Professional Home Services.

"I can train anyone to be an Excellent Dryer Vent Cleaning Technician, but you must have a Passion for Customer Service if you want to be Successful in this Industry."

-Dustin Richard

So if you want Highest Quality Results, and the Best Possible Experience... Call Dad's today!

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Last updated: January 29th 2019

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Dads Dryer Vent Cleaning provides the Best Customer Service
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When you Call Dad's we want you be to Confident and Rest Easy knowing that you have Chosen the Best Possible Results and Customer Service Experience.

Our Staff are:

And have one single goal in mind, to make good on Dad's Promise of the Highest Quality Results and Exceptional Customer Service.

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